Apex Legends, a no-cost battle royale-based shooter game created by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One in February 2019 as well as to Nintendo Switch in March 2021 and in March 2022, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022.

An app version developed for touchscreens, dubbed Apex Legends Mobile was released in May 2022, on Android along with iOS. The game is cross-platform compatible with the exception of the mobile platforms.

Prior to the game players divide into three or two-player teams and pick from a set of characters that have distinct capabilities, also known by the name of “Legends”. The game comes with two different modes of play. The first is “Battle Royale” it is possible to have up to 20 teams of three or 30 duos of two people land on an island and look for supplies and weapons before trying to take on any other player in the battle.

The area of play is shrinking with time, forcing players to move around or risk being in a different area of play, which could result in death. The last team to survive is the winner of the round. In “Arenas” where players break up into three-player squads . They fight against another team in a team-based match over a number of games to decide who is the winner of the game. Teams are crowned winners by having at minimum 3 points and is two points clear.

Apex Legends will be set within the same science fiction setting as the Titanfall series, and features several character of Titanfall appearing in the game. Titanfall series appearing on the minor character level or as as playable Legends. The game’s development started in late 2016, but the project was secret until the game’s launch.

The game’s release in the year 2019 was a shock up to that point, as it was thought to be that Respawn Entertainment was working on another installment of the Titanfall franchise, which was the studio’s first major game. Apex Legends received generally positive review from critics, who praised the game’s gameplay, its progression system, and the integration of elements from different genres.

Many considered it to be a good rival to other battle royale titles. Apex Legends had surpassed 25 million players at it’s initial week and 50 million in the first month. In April 2021, it had around 100 million players , making it among the top played video games ever in terms of players.



If games or graphic applications stop working It could be a sign of problems with your graphics driver. In the case of DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG, the video card drivers may have become corrupt.

In certain instances you may encounter this error if you are unsure of which version that you are using is the problem. If that is the situation, a more recent or even an older driver might be able to fix the problem. Here’s how to upgrade your graphics driver:

  • Step 1 Step 1: Step 1: Press the Windows key to open the Start Search box
  • 2. Type “device manager’ (without quotes) into the search box.
  • Step 3. Click the + the next three Display Adapters to display your graphics card.
  • Step 4: Right-click on your graphic card (display adapter) and then click Update Driver
  • Step 5: Select “Search automatically for the latest driver software’ and wait for Windows install the latest driver’

Step 6: Reboot your PC.


Another really common fix for DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error is to update DirectX. Sometimes, the files get corrupted and the process of reinstalling or updating DirectX can fix that.

  • Step 1: Visit Microsoft’s DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer page.
  • Step 2: Choose your language
  • Step 3: Click Download
  • Step 4: Locate the downloaded file, double-click it.
  • Five Steps: Go through on-screen instructions
  • Step 6: Play the game and check whether the issue is solved


This will resolve the issue, but if does not, then users may be required to set the drivers to a previous version. Users are experiencing “little or no crashes’ when they go back to previous version of the driver.

If the current driver version is corrupt, it is possible to restore the driver to earlier versions in using the following method:

  • Step 1. Enter Device Manager into the search box.
  • Step 2. Add Display adapters to your system and select the graphics card you’re using.
  • Step 3: Click Rick-click on Your Display Adapter and then click Properties
  • Step 4: Go to Driver tab
  • Step 5: Choose Step 5: Roll back driver


Sometimes, dust gets into the pins, which aren’t able to transmit data to other components of your system. If you’re experiencing random errors and you have tried everything you can think of, it could be an problem with the RAM.

RAM may go out of date however, most of the time, this isn’t the scenario. In the event that there’s an issue with your RAM in the system, you only need to do is take it off and then put it back.

This procedure varies between computers, and is especially different when comparing desktops and laptops. The majority of all-in-one computers utilize notebook memory units.

Refer to your user’s manual in order for information on ways to update the RAM of your system. Resetting your memory is exactly the same in the same way as upgrading your RAM. Only difference that, when you reseating the memory modules, you’re inserting the same memory modules back into.


This error may occur due to incorrect settings in Your Nvidia Control Panel. To fix this issue, try these steps:

  • Step 1: Right-click on the desktop to start the Nvidia control panel.
  • Step 2 2. Click on 3D settings.
  • Step 3. Click to adjust the settings of your image using Preview
  • Step 4: Select “Use Advanced 3D Image Settings’
  • Step 5: Click Apply
  • Step 6 Step 6: Select Manage 3D settings on the left
  • Step 7: Click the tab for Program Settings Click Add
  • Step 8: Select the executable file of the game that you’re struggling with.


You may be seeing the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error if your GPU is working beyond its intended limit. Overclocking is an excellent method to get more performance of your system, however it could cause instability issues in your system at times.

If you’re exceeding the clock speed of your graphics card, and you’re getting this error, it’s a great idea to switch off your overclocking settings at least for a short period, to determine if this is the cause of the problem.


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