Learn all about the tactics used by ASG Recovery in order to deceive the people. Learn all about Asg Recovery Scam.

Have you received any calls from ASG Recovery in the United States Did you have the option to pay your debt off in smaller or easier instalments? Do you worry about the harassing calls?

Are you aware of the steps to take in order to avoid spam and phishing calls? Let’s look at Asg Recovery Scam.

What’s the ASG Recovery Scam?

Below-listed numbers are used to send text messages, calls and VM to US citizens. This automated recording is called “Carol”, “Chris”, or “Mike”. The recipients were instructed to visit asgrecovers.com by the calls, text messages and VM. If you call back, there is no live person.

They informed the recipients that they owed an old debt. ASG Recovery will issue a 1099C form to collect the debt if it is not paid. ASG Recovery also offered the settlement option for the recipients, where they could pay only 10% of the total due. Asg Recovers requires registration at asgrecovers.com which has a horrible 2% Trust Score. It is therefore not recommended to access the website via spam calls.

ASG Recovery phone number:

  • +1(202)924-9290
  • +1(205)336-6033
  • +1(205)627-7004
  • +1(205)656-1162
  • +1(205)859-2893
  • +1(205)973-6553
  • +1(205)984-2632
  • +1(205)984-3821
  • +1(215)316-7148
  • +1(262)200-9004
  • +1(332)208-2256
  • +1(407)462-8371
  • +1(408)489-7927
  • +1(409)204-1430
  • +1(458)207-3267
  • +1(469)327-8785
  • +1(470)586-2159
  • +1(480)841-8527
  • +1(573)520-2273
  • +1(659)299-2017
  • +1(689)207-8075
  • +1(712)759-4186
  • +1(737)244-8940
  • +1(747)724-4117
  • +1(830)205-0224
  • +1(904)585-4601
  • +1(910)714-5823
  • +1(913)276-3826
  • +1(917)829-1596
  • +1(929)276-5897
  • +1(940)229-7893
  • +1(956)264-1134

People feel worried because they don’t remember any past loans or debts they haven’t paid. Scammers profit from such behavior.

The first steps to avoid Scam :

  1. To find out the original loan amount and loan terms, you can request a Debt Validation letter.
  2. If you think you might owe the original lender, you can contact them.

How can you identify a false recovery call?

  • Fake recovery agents will abuse you and make harsh calls.
  • Fake recovery agents would ask for payment immediately and offer to settle the loan at an extremely low amount.
  • Fake agents will accept bank transfers and offer only one or two additional payments.
  • The recovery agents will not provide any basic information about your loan. They will recommend that you contact your original lender to confirm Asg Scam.
  • The Fake agent will not provide additional contact information or physical address.
  • You may be able to reach the same person by dialing the number of the recovery agency.


ASG Recovery is a scam. Asgrecovers.com has been around for less than six months, although it claims it’s twenty-five years. Asgrecovers.com is not recommended. You can report these phone calls to FTC. You can be assured that the recovery calls are not harassment and are intended to pressure you into obtaining money or financial information.

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