Are you looking for new, fashionable clothing from Are you looking to buy different items on Asjua? You should read the reviews to determine if it is a scam or legitimate e-commerce store before you make any purchases.

We will be giving detailed reviews of the online store selling shoes and other products in this article.Asjua

About, also known as Asjua, is an online shop that sells fashionable clothing for women, such as tops and jackets, coats and jumpsuits. It also offers sweaters and cardigans. The store also offers discounts up to 40% and free shipping for orders over $79.

Email:service@asjua.comBest Seller

The online shop accepts most major payment methods. Their delivery time is 35 days. The Return Policy is 30 days.

You can also read the following section to learn more about the store and its advantages and disadvantages.

Asjua’s Advantages

  • This site uses HTTPS security
  • 30 day return policy
  • No shipping charges above $79
  • Get Discounts on Items


  • The trust score of the site is low
  • No information about the owner is available
  • No exchange or refund
  • Long delivery period

We found other negatives regarding the site. Please see the following reasons.

Although seems to sell clothing, there are many other factors to consider before placing an order from an online shop. If the store is legitimate, you will find the following information helpful.

Asjua has listed an address on their website. Further investigation revealed that the address number is fake and not located where it claimed to be. This sham business is not the one it contains. This is suspicious because a legitimate store will always give accurate information on their website. This indicates that the store is not trustworthy.

This website has copied the contact number for a suspicious store and put it on its website. This is a questionable sign that the site is concealing its customers’ information. It is also suspicious, as genuine stores always post accurate information on their websites.

Suspicious Discounts

These are unbelievable discounts that can’t be believed. These red flags indicate that the store only attracts shoppers. It is a scam.

Information on Pirated Contents

Most of the contents, such as return policy and product images, have been copied from an unreliable online store.

What are customers’ asjua reviews?

We recommend that customers read Asjua reviews before making any purchase. Asjua reviews provide more information about the products than the sales process.

Our search revealed that there are positive reviews from customers on the site, but these should not be taken as gospel, as they could be used by sellers to attract buyers. The website received mixed feedbacks from customers, which we checked further. Customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the website and also warned others.

I placed an order for a dress over a month ago. The web-site says it was shipped, but I have yet to receive any packages. I have not been able to get in touch with anyone. Send mesgs with no response.Luci Carvalho

They offer a 10% refund for items of poor quality. Do not purchase from this company. It is a fraudA. Sanders

Is Legit? This is to clarify: has red flags that are questionable. They have a high threat score, low trust score, mixed customer feedbacks, and a high threat score.

What are the facts about an unreliable online store? To attract customers, it slashes prices. Customers are then enticed to order products that have a completely different product or a lower quality. This is a bait-and-switch scam.


The online shop also sells accessories and clothing for women. The site is not trustworthy due to poor trust scores, lack of social media presence, mixed customer reviews, and no social media presence. We advise customers to steer clear of this site in order not to be conned.

Have you ever shopped at this store? Please leave us feedback in the comments section. We are grateful.


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