This article provides detailed information on Babo Cartel de Santa Video Twitter and other social media releases.

Who is Babo? Why is he so famous on social media? Babo is Cartel de Santa’s lead singer. The alternate video Piensaenmisong has been leaked worldwide. Internet users showed interest in the video. Continue reading the Babo Carttel De Santa Vida Twitter article for more details about the video content.

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  • Leaked video by Rapper Babo
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Babo’s video leaked

Babo, Cartel de Santa’s lead vocalist, was trending on social networks with explicit content. The alternative version of Piensaenmi’s video song was also shared on social media. The band leader posted the video to his followers’ accounts.

The video was shared to Twitter and is free. It was a viral video that had a huge impact on social media users. It isn’t just viral on Twitter, but Reddit and other social networks as well. It became a trending video and was reacted to, commented on, shared memes and liked by viewers.

Who is Babo?

Eduardo Davalos De Luna, also known as Babo. He is the leader and singer of the Mexican rap band Cartel de Santa. The rap group was founded in Tijuana (Mexico) in 1995. His career was successful, and he released many more studio albums.

Babo is well-known for his unique style of rap music. His rap style is characterized by mocking and contentious lyrics. In 2007, the studio rapper was accused of murdering his friend.

Babo’sTiktok viral video content

Babo recently posted a complete video to social media. This drives more traffic to the website. Internet viewers who see online videos are often interested in learning more about them. Popular is the leaked Babo video. This video contains explicit material and was leaked.

Babo’s alternative version Video

Most internet users desire to see the leaked video of Babo Cartel De Santa. Social media users can search on Telegram or other platforms for Babo’s leaked footage.


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This is why the video went viral:

Disney films starring Disney characters attract a lot of attention. This trend is slowly spreading across all media and is gaining acceptance by the viewers. Thanks to the internet, viral videos have become very popular.

Leaked video by Rapper Babo

Babo, Santa Cartel’s rapleader, posted an explicit video to Instagram and other social networks. It quickly became a fad. He was a star in that video. The viral video attracted many comments and went viral online. On his fan page, he shared both the adult and family versions of the video song.


The Babo Cartel de Santa Video Twitter account has been shut down. According to the social media platform, the song’s lead singer, “Think of Me”, was leaked. The viral video generated a lot of traffic online. Users responded with many memes and negative comments to the viral video. You can view the Babo’s video leak via Youtube

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