This post on Machachari Wife will provide all details about Georgina Jnenga’s leaked video.

Are you familiar with Baha Machahari Did you know about his wife? Baha Machachari’s spouse has been the subject of much discussion on social media. People from Kenya are interested in this topic and want to know more about the Baha Machachari Wife. Continue reading if you’re interested in more information.

Who’s Baha Machachari’s wife?

Baha Machachari, an actor and internet personality, is well-known. Tyler Kamau Mbaya is his real name and he’s 22 years old. He is one of the most popular internet users. His wife is the main reason he is the centre of all the conversation. According to reports, Georgina Njenga was married to Baha Machachari. Georgina Njenga is a well-known tikker and influencer.

Georgina is 21 years old and is a well-known celebrity. She has been the subject of much discussion not because she is an influencer, but for another reason. A leaked video of Georgina was shared by someone on social media. This viral video has spread across the internet. Many people are searching for Georgina, and all of her details.


This post is not intended to target or blame anyone. We also do not support circulating explicit videos online. This article is intended for informational purposes only.

Are Baha Machachari and Georgina Njenga still married?

Baha and Georgina started dating in 2020. Georgina has been Baha’s Girlfriend since that time. The public began to criticize Georgina after her video was leaked. According to sources, Georgina revealed all details about the leaked video, and claimed that her jealous ex boyfriend leaked it as revenge. Her ex-boyfriend threatened her with the video, she claimed. People began to question if Georgina was the REAL Mother Baha’s child. Baha Machachari didn’t respond at first when he learned of the video. According to some reports, Baha made a statement stating that he would not divorce Georgina because of the leaked video but that they would remain together. Astra, Georgina’s first child with Baha was born in May 2022.

Georgina Njenga Biography, Personal life:

Real nameGeorgina Njeri Njenga
NicknameGeorgina Njenga
ProfessionInternet personality
Date of birth9 September 2001
Zodiac signVirgo
Age21 years old
Valuable assets$5 Million
HusbandBaha Machachari
ChildrenAstra Nyambura

Georgina Njenga Parents, family:

At the moment, no information is available about Georgina Najenga. It is believed that Georgina met Baha via her cousin brother. Other than that, no other details are available.

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