offers cloths for purchase Are you considering placing order? Are you unsure if this store is legit? This review will tell you everything about Bravehot’s online store.

Bravehot, also known as, is an online fashion store that sells Men’s trendy outdoor clothing such as shirts, pants, and more. We did extensive research on the store and discovered some problems. These are some red flags about the store.

Six Reasons why Bravehot is not a legitimate website to shop:

Customer complaints:

One star rating was given by customers to express their dissatisfaction with the store. There were negative reviews left about the store online.

Poor Customer Support:

Did you know that the official store website does not provide any contact information? The Contact Us page does not contain a phone number or an email address. Customers cannot contact the store once they have placed an order. This is very suspicious.

No Business Address

Bravehot’s online store does not provide a physical address. This is not a good sign. What is the best way to locate the store for return/refund of goods?

Qualitative Deficit:

Notice how the faces of the models featured on the website’s official page were cropped? This is a sign that the store is not the original owner of the clothes on display. Customers will receive cloths of varying quality or completely different colors than what they ordered. Don’t fall for it.

Security is lacking

McAfee, Norton and McAfee do not have trust seals. This means that customers’ financial and personal information are not protected and is vulnerable to hackers online. Beware!

Bravehot com does not have a social media account in this modern social media era. This is because none was available on the website. We searched but could not locate any official social media pages for the store. Could this be an attempt to hide the identity of those behind this store?


Our research shows that is not a trustworthy online store, along with Scopepop and Shirtburry. We cannot therefore guarantee its authenticity. Customers are advised to exercise caution.

FTC reports that fraudulent online shops are one of the top fraud categories in 2022. Online reports show that this type of scam is used to deceive more than a thousand people each month. This is due to unchecked social media advertising, low prices, and unsecured payments systems.

This scam can be used to con you into paying a large amount of money.

Have you done any online shopping?


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