Have you received a text message from EcoblueMoon offering help or other forms of text? Beware! This is a scam text that will lead you to a phishing site.

Are you curious to know if this is a scam or legitimate? This review reveals why you need to be cautious.

The Eco Blue Moon Text Message: How Does It Work?

Scammers send the Eco Blue Moon Scam Text to their victims. It leads them to a scam Ecobluemoon.com website. The scam website allows recipients’ personal and financial details to be stolen. Don’t fall for it! Avoid being conned!

This link can contain spyware, malwares, and viruses that could be harmful to your computer and hack into your systems.

The text may appear to be legitimate and some people might fall for it. It is a scam text. It is a phish text. Inform your family and friends to avoid falling for this scam.


Our research clearly shows that Ecobluemoon, a scam text, is the same as E1UPS and OraB which leads recipients to a fake website. It is advised that recipients not click on the link and delete the text. You can share your experiences with Parcel Tracking Delivery text or any similar text in the comments section.


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