Are you interested in shopping? Do not wait! This review reveals why does not offer cloth shopping online., an online store selling items such as shoes, jumpsuits, and other accessories, is where you can find the Everbele online shop. Low Prices The store does have a few drawbacks.

Five Reasons Everbele is Suspected

Qualitative Deficit:

Did you notice how all of the models on were cut out? These images were not taken from the store. These images were taken from another website. Customers will therefore receive clothes of poor quality that are not comparable to the ones advertised on the website. This is not something to overlook. Here is a review by a customer.

It is not of good quality. The dress is made from cheap fabric that stretches and becomes visible at the chest. (I don’t even have a large breast). This makes the top look lighter and of a different fabric. However, they offer returns if you have paid all import fees and taxes for China. It is not worth the hassle or money.By Liz

Customers complain:

Most customers left negative reviews online. Customers who had terrible experiences with Everbele’s online store gave Everbele a 1 star rating.

No Business Address failed to provide a physical address. This is very suspicious. This is suspicious.

Fake social media icons are displayed on this website. does not have a social media account. Perhaps the store’s owners are afraid to be exposed on social media.

Security is lacking

McAfee and Norton do not have trust seals. This leaves customers’ financial and personal information open to hackers online.


Our findings show that is not an online store to trust, much like We cannot therefore guarantee its authenticity. Customers are advised to exercise caution.

FTC reports that fraudulent online shops are one of the top fraud categories in 2022. Online reports show that this type of scam is used to deceive more than a thousand people each month. This is due to unchecked social media advertising, low prices, and unsecured payments systems.

This scam can be used to con you into paying a large amount of money.

Have you ever shopped online? Did you find the experience pleasant or disappointing? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.


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