You can find sports shoes designed for specific outdoor games or in general. The best sports shoes are those that have specified inscriptions for the usage of the product. Beginners may be unable to tell the difference between running and basketball shoes. So, the company has to take the initiative and explain the details to the customers.

While the availability of running shoes is no joke, it is hard to pick the right pair that suits you. It is not just the confusion about the look of the product, but the most important thing is the fitting and comfort. Without these two elements, you may acquire a good-looking shoe but not be able to use it to the fullest.

Many brands manufacture the best sports shoes for men, but you need a purely individual decision to make to find the best sports shoe for you. Would you like some tips and methods to help you identify the best pick? Here is a complete guide for buying the best running shoes for men that fits their needs.

How Well Does The Shoe Fit?

As mentioned earlier, choosing the shoe fitting is the make-or-break moment for acquiring the right type of sports shoe. If you are keen on a professional fitting, it is better to consider each part of the shoe independently.

  • Check for the ankle collar, which keeps the ankle in position. It must comfortably fit on your ankle, neither loose nor too tight.
  • As you run or participate in physical activity, the shoe heel must contain some special trick. The heel counter is the hard part of the shoe, right below the heel, that gives monumental support to the feet while doing physical activities.
  • The top running shoes for men must have a flexible saddle that seamlessly blends with the arch of your feet.

Where Are You Planning To Run?

It is crucial to care about the place where you want to go for a run, especially the ground surface. Different surfaces require different shoes, which is part of why professional sports require different shoes. The ground surface decides how your shoe outsole will perform in certain places.

The outsole of the best sports shoes has rubber or foam patterns strategically included at the bottom. This strategic position provides support to the feet and holds a special advantage on a particular surface. Some patterns are for the flat surface, like track running. There are other shoes for running over grass fields, concrete, or rocky terrain.

The Flexibility Of The Midsole

Whether going out on the run or playing an outdoor game, your feet must always be on the move and instantly react to the obstacles ahead. As you wear a shoe, it should be flexible enough to move on your body’s command. The midsole of the shoe is the part that is responsible for the flexibility of the feet.

Flex grooves coupled with the midsole’s angle and mechanics alter the dynamics of the best sports shoes for men. You will need to wear the shoe and do some acrobats to understand better how the midsole reacts to your feet’ movement. The midsole also cushions the feet between the upper and the outsole. Individual preferences determine the thickness of the sole during a run.

Cushioning On The Heel & Forefoot

Heel cushioning is often added to the end of the midsole to lessen the impact on the heel while hitting the ground. The heel cushioning is impactful during a smooth landing. Similarly, the forefoot cushioning helps during taking leaps or strides when running.

Heel-To-Toe Drop Position

When you look at the top running shoes for men, you will notice a drop in the middle of the shoe. The exact position is between the heel and toe. There is still much debate around this, but the position of the drop determines whether it will alleviate the foot support or cause discomfort.


When looking for sports shoes online India, you will come across several options that offer something different. As mentioned in the article, you will need to look for these features. Besides, a few technologies have been in use that needs to be considered based on your walking or running style.


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