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Are you a Fossils fan? Are you interested in reading its reviews? Fossils’ last stand is located in PA 18032 Catasauqua, United States. Recenty, a dispute broke out between the owner of the restaurant and a taxi driver. This video went viral in Canada. People are sharing their opinions about the restaurant via social media and websites.

Let’s learn more about Fossils Last Stand Restaurant.

Brief On Fossils last stand

Fossil Last Stand is a Catasauqua restaurant. It is the seventh of eleven restaurants in this area. Google has not yet posted any reviews. Negative comments are abundant in the review section. After their viral argument video was shared on social media, the restaurant owners now face negative comments.

Bode, the taxi driver posted a Facebook video of a woman who booked the cab. He said that the driver looked like a white male. Bode asked her to repeat the words. Jakie apologized and the taxi driver asked her to leave. After that, the argument flared.

Fossils Last Standing Pa Google Reviews

Google’s latest reviews are not very positive. Google gave the restaurant 3.6 stars. There are many negative reviews about the restaurant and the owner. The section also has low ratings. Bode asked the lady to repeat the statement again after she told the taxi driver that he looked just like a white male. Jakie, the lady, said that he looked just like a normal man. He speaks English.

Bode was not happy with her comments and asked her to move on. The argument escalated when a man and a woman got into an argument with the taxi driver. The lady who owned Fossil last stood was later identified. Fossils last stand Restaurant now faces many hurdles. Google reviews have also dropped for the restaurant.

Last Fossil stand

Fossil’s last stand is still open. The restaurant has not closed despite people posting horrible comments on social media. The video became viral across many social media platforms. The video has been seen by people from all corners of the globe via social media and online sites.

There were mixed reviews of the restaurant before the incident. Some people enjoyed the food, but not the service. Others didn’t like Fossils last stand restaurant‘s food. A lot of people loved everything about this restaurant. However, there are not many positive reviews on review sites or google. These are just the details we have found online.


This article is about Fossil’s last stand restaurant. This post contains details about the incident. The restaurant has received many negative reviews. People speculated about the person behind the video after the woman identified herself as the restaurant’s owner. To read more about the restaurant’s reviews , you can visit this link

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