Below are the details. These will tell you if it’s a fraud or if it’s a legitimate company. Let’s now see the FourPeople/Fourpeopeopeo review.

Table of Contents

  • This online shop offers the following information:
  • Different domain names and websites
  • Contact Information
  • There are no policy pages
  • Social Media Presence
  • Copied content
  • Get Special Sales and Discounts
  • Delivery and customer complaints
  • Summary:
  • This online shop offers the following information:
  • Different domain names and websites
  • Its website name, FourPeople, is different than its domain name.

Contact Information

Website does not include contact numbers and postal addresses for the company. According to our research, legitimate companies always provide these information. The site clearly tries to hide the information. This website is not professional and we will not shop online.

There are no policy pages

It has not created policy pages. It is vital to understand that privacy policies such as Privacy Policy are essential pages that every legitimate site must have.

Social Media Presence

It has fake social media icons placed on its website. When you click on them, they will redirect you to the exact same page in another tab. They will not send you to pages or profiles on social media for business, but they will redirect to their social media pages. Clicking on the TikTok icon will redirect you to MonteiroSiti’s TikTok page. Although the TikTok account has provided a link to the TikTok site, the account’s name does not match the business’s. This raises questions about the legitimacy and legality of its account.

Copied content

Many other details, including the theme, on the website match several problematic websites.

Get Special Sales and Discounts

You will find a list of products such as the Car Vent Storage Container, Hyundai Tucson Magnetic Curtain Sunshade, and Cooling Car Seat. These products can be purchased at huge discounts. These discounts are often offered by scam sites to lure victims to their scams.

Delivery and customer complaints

Many online shops sell similar products, but there are complaints about the quality of their products, delivery times, customer service, and product delivery.


We’ve already answered some questions about this online store. Before you make a purchase from this online shop, we recommend doing more research. If you have bought products from this online shop, please leave a comment. We’ll be able learn more about their products and services.

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These websites often change their website names or entire content. This review was based upon information available at the time of writing. It is possible that the online store has updated its information beyond what was provided in our review. It’s still suspicious.


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