This article on Hilary Devey Causes of Death Cancer gives you factual information about Hilary Devey’s death.

Hilary Devey, a famous businesswoman and Dragon’s Den star, died at 65 on June 20, 2022.

Are you able to identify her cause of death? Do you wonder why she is still remembered so long after her death? How much was her net worth at the time she died? People from the United Kingdom are curious to learn more about her. To learn more about Hilary Devey Causes of Death Cancer, please read the entire article.

What caused her death?

As the year draws to a close, many people remember those who have passed away in this year. People are now searching for Hilary Devey’s cause of death. Our beloved businesswoman and Dragon’s den judge, Hilary Devey, died on 11 June 2022. After a long battle with a serious lung infection, she passed away.

On 12 June 2022, her spokesman gave information about her passing. People claim she would have lived longer, but she died too soon.

Hilary Devey’s Husband, Children:

Hilary was single at the time of her death. She had been divorced three times. Malcolm Sharples is her first marriage. For a living, she works in an oil-and-gas company. They separated after two years.

Hilary then married Philip and Ed Devey. But things didn’t work out there so she decided to stay single and never married again after 2013. Hilary is the mother of Mevlit Brewster Ahmet (currently 35).

Many believed that Hilary Devey Death Cancer was responsible for her death. She died of lung complications.

Hilary Devey’s funeral & obituary.

Many people paid tribute to Hilary after her death from severe lung complications. Details of Hilary’s funeral are still unknown. It is likely to take place next year. Her famous roles and personality will be forever etched in her memory.

To check her social media accounts, you can look at the header under social media links. This will allow you to learn more about her.


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