Valorant Download stuck at 0.1 Kb Certain Valorant updates stop at 0.1KB while downloading regardless of how long you have left the launcher open it will not continue. Go to Riot Games’ Twitter or Support page to determine if they have downed their servers prior to making any repairs.

If you’re one of those who’s Valorant downloads have stopped at 0.1 1 KB, here’s a way to move them back up.

Visit this official twitter account of Riot Games Support. If there are any issues with the servers then a tweet will be posted.

If you are experiencing difficulties or have any issues, you can also check the official support site to determine if maintenance is scheduled.

Here’s how to handle it If your servers are down and you’re experiencing problems:


  • Shut down the launcher.
  • You can open the Task Manager with CTRL + AL + DELETE.
  • Find Riot Vanguard as well as other processes beginning in “Riot”.
  • Right-click on all Riot processes, and then select “End Process”.
  • Start the download over again


Internet-connected devices can be identified by the IP address of their devices. DNS servers reduce the need to study IP addresses.

It’s possible that the Valorant download will stop at 0.1 1 KB because of problems with the network. Try performing the DNS modification on your router or computer to determine if it will solve the issue.

The configuration page for your router is accessible after you log into. All other settings remain the same, however, you can change your DNS primary and secondary to one from the following


If you are unable to resolve the issue If nothing else helps, try rebooting the computer. Or you may contact your Internet Service Provider.

If you need assistance then submit a ticket with Riot Games and describe your problem in specific detail.


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