This article includes all information about who killed Ser Criston Cole in Book, as well as other details about him. For more information, follow this link.

Did you know that the “house of the dragon books”, has caused mania among viewers? Did you see it? What happened to ser Criston Cole? Is he still alive? This news circulates widely in the Philippines and Canada. This article is about who killed Ser Criston Cole from the Book.

Why did ser Criston Cole die?

Criston marched to the palace in the middle of the war, also known as the dance between the dragons and Targaryen civil War. Criston marched to Aegon II’s palace with four thousand green soldiers. This is Alicent’s dress in the previous episode.

Criston cole went there to retake the fortress from Targaryen the Daemon Targaryen. This is when Ser Criston cole Death takes place. Let’s find out how it happened. The Targaryen army supported Rhaenyra Black, the symbol of Targaryen House. The daemon was already flying on his dragon to assist with the attack after reaching the fortress.

Criston directed his troops to head towards the south to meet with the Hightower soldiers. However, the black army had already destroyed the route and the villages between to stop Criston’s greens. The greens must face many black soldiers after they reach the King’s Landing. Many people ask What happened to Ser Criston Cole? Let’s take a look at his final moments.

Criston, seeing the greens losing, is helpless. He offers to give himself over to the black. He offers to save his troops, but the black army disapproves. Three arrows fired from the army at Criston are heading toward him. They directly penetrate his body, leaving him dead. His soldiers were also killed after his death. This is called the butcher’s balls. We have taken the information here.


Criston Cole was killed in the middle the dance of dragon war, in which only four dragons survived. To learn more about Did Ser Criston Cole die, read this article until the end.


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