Find players and play duel Genshin Impact: With an amazing resemblance to Gwent in Witcher 3, the latest Genish Impact update brings a card game that is known as The Battlefield of Dice, Cats, and Cards.

Players must compete in duel against other players. The most difficult part is finding a player to fight. Gamers are struggling to locate a single opponent, let alone play three times.

Find a player and have A DUEL GENSHIN Impact

Before you set out to find opponents to duel, you need to be aware of how to find them properly and then do it with a shrewdness.

If you’re about to begin the mission ensure that you’ve taken your Casket of Tomes from Margaret. This is a brand new item added to the game as well as the most recent event update which aids in the events that are to follow.

The device lets you create your own deck of cards as well it aids in finding whether there’s a person who is ready to get into an upcoming battle and makes it an extremely important element for any competition. It is among the other things in the inventory that makes it easy to locate.

Check out your inventory and , under the tab for gadgets, you’ll find the brand newly-purchased Casket of Tomes that Margaret gifted to you. Click on it, and search to”Search for Players “Search to find Players” option. This will help you find players to fight to complete the mission.

After it has identified the participants, search the map until you find the closest one. Make your way to the person and begin to talk with them. It is your job to convince him to join a duel, and if they are in agreement the only thing left to do is fight him to victory so that you can advance into the tournament.


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