This article explains the basics and details of the discussion, Is Ibzstore Legit or Scam. For more information, please refer to the article.

You want to purchase custom-made watches, bags and clothing this summer? These items can be purchased at the well-known online store “Ibzstore”. According to the website, the store was launched in 2006. The virtual store Worldwide is being used by many buyers.

Do you have all the details about the store? We will investigate every detail on the website to give you a complete and accurate report about the legitimacy of the virtual store. We will examine the website to determine Is it legit? Let’s now focus on the legitimacy elements of Ibzstore with precise data.

Let’s find out its trustworthiness factors.

  • Date of Domain Creation – The virtual store was launched on April 20, 2022. The domain’s age is 12 days.
  • Date of expiry: 19/04/2023
  • Trust Score – This site has a trust score of just 1%.
  • Owner details – This search will identify the domain owner.
  • Official Address: 71 Shelton Street Convent Garden London, England WC2H 9JQ.
  • The Trust Index Score – The trust Index score stands at 14.7 out 100. The website is not immune to suspicious activities.
  • Ibzstore Review We cannot fetch reviews from both the official page or the trusted reviewing portals.
  • Score of threat – 58/100
  • Phishing score – Website gets 71 points out of 100.
  • Website Popularity – The website popularity score for this site is zero (very poor).

We are not confident that the website is legitimate after reviewing all information. We also believe it is too soon to make a final decision about the legality of the website. It is best to review more data before deciding if Ibzstore is legit or a scam.

Information for the website

This is an online store or virtual shop that sells customized items such as clothes, hats and shoes. It works with many verticals on the market. These verticals include small businesses, large companies, and individuals. You can also find hygiene products on the website such as slim fit camisoles, disposal masks, KN95 face masks, and so forth. These items aren’t very expensive, as indicated by the price list.

The Essential Factors of the Website

  • Name Website –
  • URL –
  • Email Id – Operational Hours – The website works 24/7.
  • Contact Number – The phone number is not provided. It is used to identify the doubt – Is Ibzstore legit or a scam.
  • Name and address of the owner. Not hidden by Whois search.
  • Official address –Mention at the website page.
  • The Return policy – Not mentioned on the official site.

All data are sourced from trusted and verified websites.

What do you think of the website? Are you still interested in buying from this virtual shop? This article will provide you with more information and clarify your doubts regarding the legitimacy of the virtual store.

See the positive factors for Is Ibzstore legit or a scam

  1. You will find a large selection of products on the site.
  2. These protocols are valid for HTTPS.
  3. On the page for communication, an email id will be mentioned.
  4. Website follows standard delivery protocols.
  5. You can also find social media pages on the website.

Cons of

  1. The official site does not include a phone number.
  2. The domain expiry date should be concise.
  3. The website does not provide information about the return policy.
  4. This website uses malware practices.
  5. Website has a very high spam score.

What do we know from Ibzstore Review

We understand that customer feedback is crucial to determine if a website is legitimate. We don’t have any customer feedback, nor can we find it on the website. Customers are not trusting the website because it is still new. Check out the How to Return your Money from Paypal Scams.


We attempt to determine the legitimacy of the website. We looked at every detail on the website to find out if it was legit or a scam. The website does not contain enough information to identify a legitimate website. Click here to buy your trendy items from a legitimate site.

You can also share your online shopping experiences by commenting below. Click the link to learn more about Credit Card Scams.


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