Iguwes offers multiple products. Are you looking to purchase new gadgets at Iguwes.com This review will help you determine if the e-commerce site is legit or a scam.Iguwes

About Iguwes.com

Iguwes.com, also known as Iguwes, is an ecommerce site that sells a variety of products to customers. You can find ice maker, vacuum, blender and thermostat on their catalogs. The store also offers affordable prices and free shipping for all orders.

The store also offers a variety of shipping options, including FedEx FedEx Ground and FedEx FedEx 2-Day.

Email: info@iguwes.com

Address: 1 Stuart St, Binghamton, NY 13901, USAProducts

The online store also accepts American Express and Discover cards, Master Card and VISA payment options. Their return policy is within 30 Days and processing days are 3 to 5 Days. Delivery is dependent on the shipping method selected.

You can also find more information about the store in the section below.

  • The trust score of the store is low
  • There are no reviews for
  • The Owner’s Information is not available
  • No Social media connections
  • Short life expectancy domain

We found other negatives regarding the store. Please see the following reasons.

Although Iguwes.com seems to have many items, there are still some things you need to take into consideration before placing an order from an online shop. If the store is legitimate, you will find the following information helpful.

Iguwes has listed a fake address on its website. Further investigation revealed that the address number is fake and not located where it claimed to be. This bogus address is for a different business. This is suspicious because a legitimate store will always give accurate information on their website. This indicates that the store is not trustworthy.

Anonymous Owner

We were unable to find the identity of the business owner. Buyers beware!

Site has prominent social media icons. We discovered that the store was not linked to any of these icons by clicking on them. It is also suspicious because genuine stores always give accurate information on their website. This indicates that the store is not trustworthy.

Copied Contents Information

Most of the contents, such as About Us and product images, have been copied from an unknown online store.

What Are Customers’ Iguwes Reviews

We recommend that customers read Iguwes reviews prior to purchasing. Iguwes reviews provide more information about the products than the sales process.

Unfortunately, the official website does not have customer reviews. Further investigation revealed that customers have complained about ScamDoc.

What a buyer says:

This is a fraud. Fomo is used to show you how to buy it. No chance of a 3060 ti at $270. All ratings copied and pasted from Best Buy.Spot

This site has red flags that indicate it is not legitimate. Buyers are advised to stay away from any store that claims to be legitimate and allow them to shop.


The online shop sells many products such as Ice maker, blender, Thermostat, etc. However, customers need to trust the shop. The store is not trustworthy, as evidenced by the lack of trust. We do not recommend this store to buyers.

Have you purchased any items from this store? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section. We are grateful.


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