This post contains all information regarding the online musical store equipment as well as comments on Opkarikar Review to verify authenticity.

Are you looking for musical equipment? Are you searching for musical gifts? The United States is eager to buy different types of musical instruments. You can gift many musical instruments from the online store. The store offers a wide range of musical products. This article provides detailed information about Opkarikar for buyers.


Opkarikar, an online store that sells a wide range of musical instruments such as collar mics or hand mics, and other electronic devices, is called Opkarikar. These instruments are not affordable, so anyone who is interested in purchasing them can browse this website to find the best one for them. This store offers discounts on many items that buyers can purchase if they desire.


  • Domain date – The domain’s latest date is 22 August 2022.
  • URL-
  • Social media pages – there are no social media handles that can answer Opkarikar Com Legit or Scam.
  • Information about Address: 3rd Row District, Pingguoyuan Community, Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • Payment methods – Payments can be made via Visa Paypal MasterCard or other credit cards.
  • Buyers can return products within 30 days
  • Refund policy – All refunds are processed in your bank account within 7 Days
  • Email address-
  • Items are shipped within 14-21 days of receiving their shipping and delivery information.

The website has many advantages

  • Buyers can hear the vintage microphone replica.
  • These musical instruments can be purchased at a lower price and offer the best audio quality one could ever have.
  • There are many models of microphones available, and they come in different shapes.

Disadvantages Based on Legit Or Scam

  • Online musical stores have received a trust index of 2%, which makes it difficult for customers to trust them.
  • The store description mentions that the products were made in China and are sold in China.
  • The address provides Tibet information that is quite different from the information posted on our about us page.
  • No social media links are mentioned that describe the products or the buyer’s experiences.

Is Opkarikar a legitimate E-Commerce online store?

Opkarikar, an online store that sells a variety of musical instruments and microphones for personal use, is called Opkarikar. reviews has the reviews. Take a look at the following points.

  • Domain date – The domain’s registration is on 22 August 2022.
  • Trust Score – The trust score of the website is 22%
  • Alexa rank – The Alexa rank cannot be found anywhere.
  • False contents – The items listed do not appear to be genuine and lack a proper description.
  • Legitimacy of address – The details of the address do not appear genuine and are not mentioned.
  • Social media platforms- Links to Instagram and Facebook are not listed. This makes it difficult to comment on Opkarikar Review
  • Owners details – The about us page doesn’t mention anything.
  • We can get unbelievable discounts on all products.

Reviews from customers

There are many electronics available for sale at the online store. People can choose from a variety of options. The website and social media pages have not received any reviews, making it difficult to purchase. You can find a variety of unique items in this section. People can also purchase them from the special section Review. Buyers will find all the details under this section and will receive a definitive answer to any questions.

If you are looking for the detailed description on Optimal microphones, then read How to Get Refund on PayPal .


The website isn’t legitimate and we can conclude that no one should buy anything from it. It does not appear to be genuine and people could easily get their money stolen. Opkarikar Review contains more information. Let us know your opinions about the products on this website. Comment below to review How to Refund a Credit Card.


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