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Jason was born August 23, 1980. He is an American brother and is originally from the United States. He is an actor and star in Hollywood, despite not coming from an artistic family. Dirden persevered through hardship to make his acting career. This is how he rose to the top in the acting industry ladder. The Wikipedia article Jason Dirden contains enough information about his life.

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  • Jason Dirden’s Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia contains a lot of information on Jason. Below are details about Jason’s personal and professional lives.

  • Wiki. Biography. Biography. Personal Life
  • Real Name Jason Edward Dirden
  • Nickname Jason Dirden
  • Actor in the Professional Profession
  • Date of birth 23 August 1980
  • Unknown Zodiac Sign
  • Age 43
  • Marital Status Married
  • Wife Name Anika Noni Rose
  • Net worth is not known
  • American Nationality

Education Qualifications and Career

Jason earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduating in Electrical Engineering, he went on to pursue acting. He reached new heights in his acting career. He appeared on numerous TV shows, including House of Payne (Greenleaf) and others. He was very well-known for his guest appearances on Stranahan’s, Sara, Own Tonight and He also played the antagonist role in many films and series.

Jason’s Networth

Jason has not revealed his net worth. Jason is believed have been able to build some wealth.

Jason Parents and Jason Family

Jason was the son of Willie Dirden. He was also an actor. Brandon Dirden is his older brother. His mother is unknown. His mother is 66 years old. He has four siblings: Bridgett J. Dirden, Maria J. Dirden and James. Many photos are on his Instagram account. His Instagram account, as well as other social media accounts, contain information about his family.

Date of birth, Birthday

Jason was born August 23, 1980. His birthday is August 23. Houston, Texas is where he was born.

Ethnicity Jason

Jason is white. He is a beautiful person with a strong personality. His dark hair and eyes are a favorite feature of many of his fans.


Jason is an actor legend in Hollywood because of his extraordinary acting abilities. He was a tireless worker and gave his time so freely to his profession. He saw the results of his labor. Click the link for more information.

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