Are you looking for Lingalah stores that sell different products? Are you looking to purchase new products from This review will help you determine if the e-commerce site is legit or a scam.Lingalah

About, also known as Lingalah, is an ecommerce site that sells a variety of products to customers. You will find wine coolers, air conditioners, stabilizers, and many other products in their catalogs. The store also offers affordable prices and free shipping anywhere in the world. All items are shipped via USPS, UPS FedEx or DHL.


The online store also accepts credit and debit cards of all types, including Visa and MasterCard. Their return policy is within 30 Days with $20 of restocking fee, while shipment takes between 3 and 7 business days.

You can also read the following section to learn more about the store and its pros and cons.

Pros of Lingalah

  • This site uses SSL security
  • There are many products available on the website.
  • All orders eligible for free shipping


  • Store’s trust score was poor
  • Customer reviews are not available on reliable websites
  • The website does not have social media connections.
  • Shipping is free to US residents only
  • A return fee is charged

We found additional red flags information about the store. Please see the following reasons.

Although seems to have many items, there are still some things you need to take into consideration before placing an order from an online shop. If the store is legitimate, you will find the following information helpful.

Website mentions a fake address at 812 Preston Lane in Cahokia (US). This address number is fake because it’s not exactly where it claims it to be. This is not a sham business. This is suspicious because a legitimate store will always give accurate information on their website. This indicates that the store is not trustworthy.

Anonymous Owner

We were unable to find the owner of the business. Buyers beware!

The website of the ecommerce store does not mention any social media. Trustworthy stores provide social networking platforms on their website in order to collect more information from customers.

Copied Content Information

Most of the store’s contents have been copied from an online shop, including product images.

Buyers’ Lingalah Reviews

We recommend that customers read Lingalah reviews prior to making a purchase. These reviews speak more about the products as they are based upon real customer experiences. They can help you learn about the store’s sale services, delivery processes, and product quality.

According to our research, there are no reviews for the shop on its official website. The online shop has received negative feedback from customers.

These are the comments of customers:

It’s a scam. I ordered an air conditioner 98.01 on May 15, 2022 and still haven’t received it. They have always helped me to get my full refunds, so thank goodness I paid through PayPal. SCAMMERS!!!!!! !Judy Thompson

It’s a scam! Pay pal, bogus email address and phone number. I can’t get in touch with anyone. I took the money and cancelled the order. It’s amazing that PayPal does business with them. Don’t order from this website.Jk

To clarify, is not legitimate. The site has gathered certain red Flags. Buyers are advised to stay away from any store that claims to be legitimate and allow them to shop.

What are the facts about an unreliable online store? To attract customers, it slashes prices. Customers are then enticed to order products that have a completely different product or a lower quality. This is a bait-and-switch scam.

The online shop offers multiple products in a single click. But, this is not enough to convince customers to trust the shop. This store received negative feedback as part of the guide. We do not recommend this shop to buyers.

Do you have any experience with this ecommerce site? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section. We are grateful.


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