Ludwig is the winner of The Game Award for the year in 2022, under the category of Content Creators of the Year category. Ludwig Anders Ahlgren who left Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube has left enough of a an impact for 2022 to outdo all five nominees to take the prize home.

Ludwig was named along with his fellow streamers QTCinderella along with Karl Jacobs, Nibellion, Nobru However, it was easy to choose one winner considering how they did in 2022. The award goes to the streamer who “made an influential and positive contribution to people in the area.” And Ludwig is awarded the distance of a mile.

Ludwig wrote his name on the paper to sign with YouTube to sign a lucrative contract after the contract with Twitch ended. He was among the many notable streamers who quit Twitch and left a mark on YouTube. Similar to many other top streamers who had done similar things, Ludwig took a short amount of time to establish a viewer base and could begin his journey quickly.

In the twelveth Streamy Award, Ludwig has been awarded the top creator of content for the year as well as the best Variety Streamer award prior to this. After a great 2022 it was a natural choice to honor the Streamy Award to him cannot be denied.

Through 2022, Ludwig has been more than just engaged. In the end, Ludwig has been actively coordinating events outside of streaming platforms and has kept the community active with a few activities at least once in a while. This engagement with the community has had a major impact to the panel.

The winner was picked by a judging panel and just 10% of overall votes had been influenced by public. With nothing to argue on behalf of the other streamers, it is taken as an overwhelming win for Ludwig.


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