We will go over in detail what the Merryd Club online store actually is on this page. Simply reading the Merryd Club review below will enable you to determine whether Merryd.Club is a rip-off or a reputable business.

Highlights of the Site:

Area name – Merryd .Club

Site name: According to WHOIS, Merryd’s registration date is: 2022-09-05 Registrar of the Domain Email: DNSPod, Inc. merryd.club@outlook.com The name and address of the parent company: On its website, LIMHLIFE (HK) LIMITED, Room 15, 11/F, Was Way Plaza, 1008 Tai Nam West Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, offers the following product categories: Products Listed on Its Website: Collections, All Products, Pullover, Perfect Shoes, Work Shoes, Slippers Sprockets Bicycle Chain Fidget Spinner Toys, Garden Professional Grafting Cutting Tool, Rotating 1080° robotic arm faucet (universal model), Summer Hot Sale-Handmade Suede Velcro High Boots, Screen Magnifier 2022 Newest Version, Quebec Nordiques Retro Hockey Hooded, etc. are examples of eco-friendly products.

Merryd Club Reviews: Is This The Legit Or Scam Site?

Contact Information Its “LIMHLIFE (HK) LIMITED” parent company name, which is listed on its “TERMS OF SERVICE” page, is used by a number of shady and problematic websites, including HugolClub.

Despite the fact that it has listed LIMHLIFE (HK) LIMITED as its parent company, there are numerous websites of a similar nature that are using a different name and address.

The free email address it uses, Merryd.club@outlook.com, does not belong to any particular domain. These email addresses are typically provided by bogus websites.

Copied content The Merryd website provides a lot of information, including a theme that matches several problematic websites.

Offers for discounts and sales Merryd has listed a lot of products for sale with substantial discounts. Scam websites typically offer discounts of this kind to lure people into their scams.

Customer Complaints and Delivery There are a lot of online stores with similar complaints about customer service, product quality, and delivery times.


We are unable to recommend that you shop at the Merryd Club online store because of the aforementioned facts.

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NOTE: It has been discovered that these websites frequently alter both their website’s name and the entirety of its content. As a result, the information in the preceding review comes from the company’s website on the aforementioned date. If you come across any additional information beyond what we have provided in this review, it indicates that the details of this online store have changed. Despite this, it remains a suspicious website.


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