Need for Speed Unbound is one of the top games available and what distinguishes it from the previous version is the fact that it incorporates the best of every version of the game before it. NFS Unbound is able to stay true to the basic nature of NFS and enhance the foundations of the game in order to compete with modern-day competitors like Forza Horizon.

NFS Unbound has managed to find the strengths in Need for Speed games and make up for its flaws with them. In the end this game has proven to be very profitable and players are falling in the love once more. It expands upon the wealth of customization options and range of vehicles that were previously featured and moves it to the next level , which is enhanced with stunning graphics.

The game is amazing across all areas, but there are some bugs and glitches that make this game interesting. The most notable is the infinite money glitch has raised some eyebrows. In the following article we look into the nature of this glitch and how players can take advantage of the glitch.


When you’re at the garage, look to an option to view the Weekly Calender under the Play option. On a Saturday every week, participants can choose to participate on the Qualifiers Race where rewards come in the form of cars and cash, but there’s an option to redeem the cash, making it unlimitable.

You must win three different races in order in order to activate the glitch. When you’ve got your third race victory on the board, the game will lead you to the cutscene for your reward. If you’re moving away from the cutscene for the reward ensure that you quit the game before the next cutscene is shown.

If you begin the game after that you’ll see that the money has been credited to your wallet in the game while you can compete again, and earn the cash. The process of repeating it can be tedious and time-consuming however the payoff is profitable.


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