This article explains the security risks associated with data stored on a server at a mortgage company. Read Pingora Loan Servicing Information Breach: Is it Real or Scam.

A shocking statement was made by a major American financial institution. Let’s look at the relevant issues and get a complete picture of the situation.

The United States are concerned about their personal information being misused by scammers to conduct illegal activities.

This security breach allowed unauthorized third parties to access confidential customer information.

Pingora Loan Servicing Information Exposure

Official statements by Pingora Loan Servicing officers revealed a huge security breach that was perpetrated by a third party between October 27, 2021 and December 7, 2022.

The intruder gained access to all the servers of major companies that held confidential information about its customers. The intruder had access to the servers for over a month before the company discovered the breach, December 2021.

A formal investigation is conducted to identify all security risks associated with the Pingora Loan Servicing Database Breach Scam.

What does Pingora AMC Do for You?

  • Pingora Asset Management LLC provides services and activities related to mortgages to its customers.
  • Portfolio management is a job for experts.
  • Michael Lau founded Pingora Asset Management LLC in 2012. Michael Lau is the CEO.
  • Michael Lau saw great potential in the mortgage market and wanted to be a leader with the help of a team.
  • Todd Wallace has been appointed as Pingora AMC’s CFO.
  • Mike Casey, David Burgess and VP Business Development are responsible.

Pingora Loan Servicing Information Breach: Is it Real Or Scamming?

  • External entry by a third party led the disclosure of financial and personal information on the system servers.
  • The intruder gained access to highly sensitive data, such as social security numbers, documents copies and names of customers.
  • Other than the above data, information regarding the loan details (loan number, amount, repayment date and type) was also exposed.

Data Exposure

  • All passwords, security questions, or PINs that are associated with yourraccounts must be changed. Let’s find out if the Pingora Loan Servicing data breach is real or a scam.
  • To protect your credit score, temporarily block your credit card.
  • Monitor all financial transactions in your account and notify financial institutions about data exposure.
  • To avoid being scammed, book the services of an information breach lawyer.


Access to company servers by external agents is something to be concerned about as it can expose customer information. Keep informed about the situation as a customer. For more information, please visit this link.

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