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Did you know that severe weather conditions in Canada were forecast for 21 December 2022? The impact of the severe weather conditions was felt starting 23 December 2022, due to heavy snowfall, high winds and severe icy precipitation. At 10:32 AM, the ministry discussed closing both bridges at 23 rdDecember-2022.

While ice storms can be expected in Canada’s winter season, they are not common this year. However, the ‘Ice Bomb Cyclone’ is extremely severe. Would you like information on Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge?

Information about the closing of bridges

The Alex Fraser and Port Mann bridges are currently closed. There is a risk of ice from falling cables onto vehicles. Let’s start by looking at the dangers of falling ice, primarily from these two bridges.

Canadians can also find the Alex Fraser bridge in British Columbia. Similar to the Port Mann Bridge, it uses a collared network of cable-stayed and is supported by strong 505 foot pillars. It assists 119,000 commuters from Richmond, New Westminster and North Delta in Greater Vancouver.

Is port mann bridge closed?

Yes, Port Mann bridge, British Columbia, Canada is still closed. It measures 65 meters in length and includes ten lanes as well as a light rail line. The cable-stayed bridge is supported by 213-foot tall pillars.

Both bridges feature cable-stayed collars to eliminate snow build-ups.

Now you might have figured out that bridge cables are attached at great height to high-height pillars. The collar cable system helps maintain the bridges, and also removes ice buildup on them.

The ice blocks could fall from Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge and cause serious damage to commuter cars.

Even though ice accumulation occurs every year in winter, this time the weather conditions are more severe that in previous years. Because of the severe nature of the icy storm it is known as the “Ice Bomb Cyclone”. The Ice Bomb reduced the temperature to -15C. Temperatures in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley are expected to drop to -25 degrees.

In extreme cases, freezing temperatures can lead to blood loss and death. port Mann bridge is now closed because of heavy snow accumulations on the cables.

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Southbound Hwy#91A and East West Connector were suggested as detours by Alex Fraser bridge commuters. George Massey Tunnel can be used to detour into Metro Vancouver or the Delta region. People are advised not to travel except for extreme circumstances by the ministry.

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