Riot Games is taking a aggressive approach to secure their position in the market of mobile gaming prior to the release of VALORANT mobile. This is done by taking severe action against an application that appears to be a copycat of their most popular game, VALORANT.

VALORANT is an FPS game that was launched in the year 2000 by Riot Games in 2020. The game’s popularity has risen since its launch. Now the game’s developers are planning to develop a mobile version of the game to take advantage of the huge gamers on the go.

Following the popularity that was League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile edition of LOL, Riot Games plans to follow a similar path to success with their forthcoming title. Prior to the release of VALORANT Mobile, a game named Hyper Front was alleged to be an imitation that of VALORANT as well. Riot Games have taken an decision on the similar.

Riot Games has filed a lawsuit in the UK with allegations of NetEase copying their characters weapon designs, maps, skins charms, even the designs for weapon stats. The developers take an open stance regarding this issue.

In a statement about the case Riot Games lawyer Dan Nabel informed Polygon that they’re making suit in United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil as well as Singapore.

The statement reads “All of our imaginative choices are reflected in NetEase’s games. We don’t believe altering the hue of a character’s ability or merely changing the appearance of the character alters what constitutes copyright violation. It’s like the old saying”You can apply lipstick to the pig but it’s still the same pig.'”

In the event that NetEase is found to be guilty in this matter the company will be fined a substantial amount. be awarded the company Riot Games for this matter and the overall look of their game, called Hyper Front is also expected to be altered.


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