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Have you heard Taylor Swift’s newest song? Are you familiar with Scooter Braun’s work? The United States and Canada are eagerly awaiting Taylor Swift’s new song. The song was titled “Midnights” and released on October 21st 2022.

The song mentions the FBI, but it is not clear why. She sings, “He wasn’t doing anything, and somebody disclosed his white collar crime Scooter Braun FBI,” meaning Braun committed fraud.

Who is Scooter Braun married to?

Yael Cohen Braun, scooter Braun’s current spouse. He got married in 2014. She is a South African-Canadian businesswoman who founded a health foundation to promote early detection and prevention of cancer.

They filed for divorce after marital problems. It is an interesting development that he and his spouse have agreed to the terms of their divorce. You will find more information about the following area.

What is Scooter Braun Yael Cohen Filled Divorce?

After seven happy years, Scooter Braun filed for divorce in July 2022. YAEL Cohen Braun is the wife of h scooter Braun and she is responding to his lawsuit. Yeal filed for divorce under her terms after five months. She asked that the scooter pay her attorney fees and spousal support.

Scooter Braun Wife also requested joint legal custody for their three children. JAGGER is 6 years old, Hart is 3 and Levi is 5.

What did pay for his ex-wife ?

As part of their divorce settlement, Scooter Braun will pay Yael Cohen $20 million. To help pay the costs of the children’s upkeep, he will also pay $60,000 per month in child maintenance.

A source claimed that the couple were still in touch despite their split. Scooter Braun Ex Wife was separated for more than a year before an agreement was reached. They are now apart. We will now discuss.


Vigilante Shit is a new song called “Midnight”. is one verse of Taylor Swift’s newly launched song. According to reports, this song by Taylor Swift is proof that Scooter Braun was cheating on his wife .


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