Seasideqs is a fraud! Seasideqs reviews are a great place to learn more about this website before you make your purchase. This article will provide you with all the information you need to make the best shopping decision.

Seasideqs, also known as, is an online store that sells shoes for women and men. The store offers affordable prices and special benefits like BUY 2 ITEMS AND SAVE 10%, BUY 3 ITEMS AND SAVE 15%

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PayPal card is the preferred payment method for online stores. Their return policy is within 14-days and shipping takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Refer to the section below.

Although seems to have attractive products, there are other factors to consider before placing an order. These points are helpful.

Site has listed a fake address. This address number is fake because it does not exist. It’s a different business, not this scam. This is a sign that you should not take for granted.

It is not responsive that the contact number or email address listed on the website can be reached. This is simply another way to appear trustworthy. Buyers who sent mails to the website have seen their hopes crushed. If there is a complaint, the buyer cannot be reached via the phone number.

The website does not offer any social media platforms. If you are looking for information, this will not be available on the website. It’s too bad for an online store.

Suspicious Discounts

This isn’t a new bait and switch store. It is too good to be true that the website offers discounts at unbelievable prices. This is a trick to attract shoppers. Don’t fall for this trap!

Unfortunately, many buyers who tried to buy items regret doing business with this online shop. The website’s sale services are not satisfactory. Beware! This store won’t deliver what you ordered.

View another buyer’s complaint:

Seasideqs shoes arrived and they were not what I expected. They were too small and too narrow. The company refused to refund me the full amount I paid. The company is located in CHINA so they are difficult to reach. They want you to return the products to CHINA and not to a US base address. This company is a scam, fraudulent and unreliable. They are to be avoided! !Karen


Seasideqs offers fashionable shoes for both men and women. This website looks a lot like Fashionran , Norahlstore and Bellelement. They are not reliable for shoppers. You will not be satisfied if you place an order here.

Have you purchased any items from this store? Please leave a comment below about your experience. We are grateful.


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