Are you interested in shopping at Are you considering placing order? Are you unsure if the online store is authentic? This review will tell you everything you need to know about the online shop.Tarosurge Website, also known as, is an online shop under Meledo Company Limited. It sells a variety of items such as Drones, Garden Stake Lights and more. at suspicious discount prices. Unfortunately, we did not find any drawbacks to the store. These are some red flags that were attached to the store.

Five Reasons Tarosurge is Not a Genuine Website

Poor Customer Support:

Tarosurge is the only way to contact you. mails sent to the email address “” are not delivered. Many other online scams have also used the 440863845417 phone number. Like Bushamber, Hatsnappy, Leleqa, etc. Customers cannot contact the store once they have placed an order. This is extremely suspicious!

Fake Business Address

Tarosurge created a fake address for a business on the Contact Us Page. It was ” 372 Southampton Row in Great London, UK“. This address is not associated with the store. This is not a good sign. What is the best way to locate the store for return/refund of goods?

Security is lacking

McAfee, Norton and McAfee do not have trust seals. This means that customers’ financial and personal information are not protected and is vulnerable to hackers online. Beware!

Website age:

WHOIS (a domain searcher) reports that Tarosurge was registered recently on the 27 September2022. However, the result has not stood the test of time. Websites that are newly registered can’t be verified as they have no history. Online scammers often use newly created websites to defraud users. Beware! Don’t fall victim.

Is it possible that Tarosurge’s online store is afraid of being exposed via social media platforms? The website does not have a social media icon. We searched but could not locate any social media pages for the store.

These are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t shop at this store:

Trust Score:

Tarosurge’s trust score is very low. This warning sign should not be ignored. Buyers are advised to exercise caution and not fall for scams.


It is obvious that items displayed in this store were stolen from other websites.

Special Discount

Tarosurge offers a discount of up to 94%, which seems too good to be true. It is a common saying that anything too good to be true is probably false. Online scammers use low prices and high discounts to lure customers. Don’t fall for the trap!

This Store is Worth Your Attention

No! These red flags indicate that buyers should not place orders at this store. There are high chances of you not receiving your order and/or getting low-quality goods. Scammers using online shopping to lure customers are well-known for offering low prices and low quality products. This is a bait-and-switch scam.

How can you verify that an online store is legitimate?

  • Customer Reviews
  • Register Domains
  • Site Security
  • Social Media Presence
  • Special Discount
  • Contact Information for Businesses

Receiving inferior/low quality products

You should not shop online and fall for these scammers.

You are not receiving the product:

Online scammers are known for luring buyers with low prices and high discounts. Customers will not receive the goods they ordered after placing an order.

These fraudulent online shops can steal credit card information. Sometimes, you may have to pay twice the price of the goods. Or you might be charged for products you ordered.


Our findings show that is not trustworthy, as are other online shops we have reviewed. This means that we cannot guarantee its authenticity. Customers are advised to exercise caution.

FTC reports that fraudulent online shops are one of the top fraud categories in 2022. Online reports show that this type of scam is used to deceive more than a thousand people each month. This is due to unchecked social media advertising, low prices, and unsecured payments systems.

This scam can be used to con you into paying a large amount of money.

Have you ever shopped online? Did you find the experience pleasant or disappointing? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.


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