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Every few years, news and information about Valentin Elizalde circulated. One month after Valentin Elizalde’s assassination funeral home workers released video footage of Valentin’s body and another video that showed them taking photos with Valentin. As threats were made to Tano Elizalde, Valentin’s daughter, the news spread about Valentin.

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Video about Valentin Autopsy:

Valentin Elizalde was assassinated on 25-November-2006. One month later, an internet video showed Valentin Elizalde’s body lying on a table with a few others taking photos, laughing, and engaging in casual conversation.

This video, which was split into two parts, showed Valentin’s body after an autopsy. Valentin’s body was taken to Valle de la Paz for burial. A few employees of the funeral home began taking photographs while Valentin’s body lay on a table. This was the first part.

To identify Valentin’s Cause of Death , an autopsy was performed.

The video did not show the faces of Valentin’s deceased body. Bolivar Hernandez was the head of Reynosa’s police department. He stated that they had convicted Julio Martinez and Hector Lara and Nicolas Martinez as employees of Valle de la Paz funeral homes. He also admitted to taking photos and videos of Valentin Elizalde.

The second video contained the most disturbing part. The video showed employees taking off Valentin’s clothes to clean blood and wounds prior to burial. A mobile camera captured the video of Valentin’s body.

What was revealed by Valentin Elizade Autopsy Video

A funeral house worker showed Valentin’s chest to be autopsied. The cut was made below the neck and continued down to the abdomen. After the autopsy, there were no stitches in the chest.

Next, the horrifying body part was captured on the head. After the autopsy, the crown was removed. The video showed the brain emerging from the skull. It also showed the skull’s internal hollow, showing the bones and jaws.

The funeral home workers finally showed Valentin’s body with various injuries. The Valentin Elizalde Video revealed four bullet wounds to the torso and head, as well as injuries to the head and body.

What was Valentin Elizalde’s Cause of Death?

Valentin Elizalde was attacked by two cars, and then shot by the Opioids mafia. His car was spotted with 20 rounds of firing.

Valentin left Reynosa with Fausto Elizalde (his cousin), as his driver and manager in the Chevrolet 8-seater Chevrolet car with license plate JEX-76-30 Chevrolet. Two cars surrounded Valentin’s car, firing with AK-47, AR-15 and.38 super. These bullet wounds are also displayed in Valentin Elizalde Autopsy video.

Valentin’s car was broken through and there were bullet marks on its body. Valentin’s murder motive is still unknown. There are however, two versions of the story.

Rumours abound that Fausto Elizalde, his cousin, was involved with the Opioids mafia. According to online sources, he also revealed that he was having an affair with Valentin’s former wife. Fausto objected to Valentin’s performance, specifically the song “El Chapo”, which was against Opioids.

Fausto requested that Valentin not perform the song, but Valentin did so at Palenque de la Expo-Feria. We will now discuss Valentin Elizalde autopsy video. Fausto was also the only survivor of Valentin’s shooting. People link Valentin’s murder to Fausto.

Second, the Opioids mafia supported Opioids awareness. The high-tech mafia was implicated in the use of illegal weapons during the incident.

Raul Hernandez Barron was a member the Los Zetas Mafia and was taken into custody on 22 March 2008. He was involved in Valentin’s murder. People link Valentin’s death to the Opioids mafia.

Valentin Elizalde Funeral:

After Valentin Elizalde Autopsy Video went public, Valentin’s final reties were completed and he was buried at Panteon Municipal de Guasave in December 2006.

Valentin Elizalde’s Social Media accounts:

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  • Valentin is the son of Lalo Elizalde. Valentin’s mother’s name is not known.
  • Blanca Vianey Duran Brambila was Lalo’s ex partner.
  • Livia is his sister and Jesus Elizalde his brother.

Was Valentin Elizalde Married?

  • Yes, he did marry Gabriela Sabag in 1999. They divorced in 2003.


Full NameValentin Elizalde Valencia
ProfessionSongwriter and singer from Mexico
NicknameEl Gallo de Oro” (The Golden Rooster)
Singing styleOff-key style
Marital StatusMarried, then later divorcing
Numbers of children6
First appearance in music career1998
Numbers of albums11
Posthumous Albums4
NominationsGrammy Awards

After his death Valentin Elizalde Autopsy Video went viral.

Valentin’s Religion, Ethnicity, and Nationality:

  • Valentin’s ethnicity remains unknown. He was Mexican citizen and a Christian.

Valentin’s early life:

Valentin was born in Jitonhueca, Sonora. He was raised in Guasave, Guadalajara. He graduated from the University of Sonora.


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