Valorant is one of the most played shooters in the world, with millions of gamers playing Valorant every day. With the increasing number of players playing Valorant players, many have encountered problems while playing the game.

It is believed that the TPM 2.0 issue is among the most recent issues that users around the globe are reporting having experienced, and fortunately, it is easy to fix with several techniques.

If you’re struggling with TPM 2.0 error TPM 2.0 error We’ve got the solution for you. Here’s what you should do to correct the error and enjoy your preferred competitive shooter again.


There are numerous reasons behind the error. They can range from a tiny glitch during the initial launch of the game, to an error in the installation of the game. Look over the table below to discover the most likely causes for the error you’re experiencing.

Minor bug during game launch

  • Make sure the boot lock is turned off.
  • Windows not working with Valorant.
  • Background applications
  • Driver for graphics cards that is out of date and Windows
  • Incorrect game files or a faulty installation of the game

Restart the Game

This is the initial step and most straightforward solution. If you’ve attempted to launch the game , but encounter an error that says ” Valorant failed to launch,” then you could attempt closing the dialogue box and attempting it again.

You can also consider restarting your PC or the internet before you launch the game in administrator mode. You can select the game’s right click and choose Run with Administrator. If you think the issue isn’t serious and is due to the game’s initial startup, it should be solved by restarting the game. You can then play the game using administrator.

Turn on Secure Boot

  • To correct TPM 2.0 Valorant error, you must follow these steps: TPM 2.0 Valorant error, adhere to these guidelines:
  • Go to Settings > Update and Security > Recovery
  • Go to Advanced Startup > Restart Now. This will restart your computer.

Click on Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings > Restart

After that, you’ll be able to gain access to BIOS which will allow you to solve this problem. Make sure your BIOS is set to advanced mode and that TPM is turned on in your system prior to moving on into the next stage.

Go to the ‘boot’ tab

  • Enable Secure Boot
  • Standard
  • Save your data and quit.
  • Run Valorant in Compatibility Mode
  • Right-click on Valorant.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Now, go to through the Compatibility tab.

Click the Run button to troubleshoot compatibility located at the top. The Run compatibility troubleshooter window should appear.

  • After the pop-up window has finished the detection of problems, choose Try suggested settings.
  • Your computer will run the program on an older version of Windows like Windows 8.
  • If Valorant is running it, return to the troubleshooter, and press”Next.
  • Choose Yes Save these settings to this program. Your Valorant will always operate with the settings that you have saved.

Update Windows and Graphics Card Drivers

There’s a chance that your graphics driver installed on your computer aren’t of date or contain issues. Some players claim that Valorant won’t start because the graphics drivers on their computer are outdated. Therefore, you should update your graphics card driver either manually or on a regular basis.

If you aren’t sure which graphics card to use:

  • To open this command prompt press your Windows key and then R. (this is what opens an “Run” windows).
  • After entering DXdiag, press on the Enter key.
  • Select the Display option on the main menu.
  • If you’ve determined the kind of graphics card you have If you are unsure, come back to find the drivers:
  • AMD:


Valorant is a first-person 5v5 shooter that was developed and released through Riot Games in June 2020. It’s currently accessible only on PC and an mobile version being developed.

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