Valorant is one of the most popular online shooting games that has attracted thousands of players from across the world. The game is also among the top watched games played on Twitch.

Recently, however, some players haven’t been able upgrade their Valorant even when they have reliable internet access. There are complaints that updating is taking too long.

In the exact boat as you are, continue reading to find out the reason Valorant isn’t updating , and how you can do about the issue.

Here’s REASON Why Your Valorant Isn’t updating

The most frequent issues that stop you from updating your Valorant could result from an issue with Riot Vanguard or small bugs which are present within the game, as well as issues in the Internet.

Minor bugs

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Older Windows as well Graphics drivers
  • Valorant is not a company with administrator rights.
  • Background applications consume bandwidth
  • Firewall blocks Valorant
  • Troubles with Riot Vanguard
  • Whatever the reason, we’ll investigate the issue to ensure that your Valorant can be updated promptly.

The problem is easy to fix with just one , two, or three. Begin by restarting your router or computer to get a quick fix.

It is then possible to examine the root cause and decide the best option. Similar to that should you restart your computer if it failed to resolve your issue, it is suggested to consider the next steps.

How to FIX Valorant Not Updating:

  • Updating Windows and the Graphics Driver
  • Update of Graphics Driver
  • Run Valorant as Administrator
  • Close Background Apps
  • Allow Valorant to Pass Through Firewall

Reinstall Riot Vanguard

It’s also possible that the most recent version is containing an issue that stops users from being able change the version of the game. Should this be the case then your only choice is to wait until you can wait for a new update comes out with an update to fix the problem.


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