Valorant is without doubt the most talked-about game in the world of esports ahead of of CSGO, Dota, FIFA and many others. With growing numbers of gamers signing up to play the game Riot is a valid reason to let them explore new regions through the game.

The company has promised a Valorant game on cellphones, Riot is likely exploring the possibilities of partnering with the top consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation as per the job postings. The truth is that the game was intended to be played with keyboards and mice, and the move to consoles will make the gameplay much more challenging.

There is nothing other than job listings to suggest that Riot may go all in on bringing the hugely popular game to consoles. But the effect it could bring to the esports community isn’t yet too far-fetched to think about. A esports community centered in the mobile version of the game may increase given the way PUBG mobile as well as Free Fire have fared.

In the near future, we could get the Valorant console game, but not is it likely to happen anytime soon. It’s possible that the game will not launch before 2024 however, if we look at the way Riot manages the game to launch the game, they do so in the most extravagant ways.

The waiting for a console version Valorant is long , and it’s highly likely that we’ll stumble to a mobile-friendly Version of the game. However, as the game’s design isn’t for consoles, being too excited could end with disappointment.


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