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What is the yanjunijuni com website called?

Yanjunijuni sells bottoms, jewelery, dresses, modest, formal wear, tops, jumpsuits and haute couture, Labels Spot. category with Office chair Angel Kalisto grey, Huzaro Manager 2.0 office chair black, Flower Choker, and many more. Other collections are available at www.

According to the whois record, this website was registered on 2022-09-16. According to scamadviser, the trust score for this site is 1/100.

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  • Major Points about Yanjunijuni website:
  • Website name: Yanjunijuni
  • Email: Not available
  • Contact address: Not available
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Products Category: Bottoms, Jewelery, Dresses, Modest, Formal Wear, Tops, Jumpsuits, Haute Couture, Labels Spot, Runway Collection, Office Chair.
  • Type of Product Name: Huzaro Manager 2.0 office chair black, Angel Kalisto gray, Flower Choker, and many more.

Payment options: Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Delivery time: Most orders are processed within 1-7 business days

No Return Policy

Social media links

These points will help you understand the legitimacy of the website. Let’s now take a look at both the positive and the negative aspects of the website. Keep checking the zerothought website for more information.

Disadvantage of Yanjunijuni Reviews:

According to scamadviser, this website has a low trust score of 1/100. This increases the trust concern. Trust issues are created by the website domain being very young, it was registered on 2022/09/16.

This website has many advantages:

HTTPS, valid SSL certificate, is available for consumer safety.

It provides all of the valid and accessible policies to customers.

Now you know the positive and negative aspects of the website. Let’s now look at the points that prove it is legitimate or fraudulent. Please read the following section and leave your comments if applicable. It can help many people who are still confused about the site.

These are some points to show that Yanjunijuni is legit or a scam

  • Website Age: Registered on 2022-09-16
  • Maximum Discount Offers
  • According to scamadviser, Trust Score for Website: 1/100
  • The legitimacy of the Contact Address:
  • Customer complaints: No reviews or ratings.
  • Email ID legitimacy:
  • Returns and Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Questions frequently asked about this online shop:

What payment method do they use?

Payment option avaialable – Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover.

What is the delivery timeline?

Most orders are processed within 1-7 business days

How old is your website?

The website’s age was registered on 2022-09-16

What’s the discount for their store?

Discount on their website

How do I contact them?

Contact information on their website says, Not available, not available and not available

Our Opinion about Yanjunijuni:

According to scamadviser, this site’s trust rating is 1/100. This site has a low trust rating, which means that it is visited less often. Customers are required to give feedback. The prices on popular portals have been criticized. We checked to see if they were excessively high or low. Before making any purchase, we recommend that you thoroughly research this website.


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